Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Max Dimoff interview

I recently listened to the Contrabass Conversations interview with Max Dimoff. I've been using Mr. Dimoff's warm-up exercises for a long time. I like them for the purpose of working on my intonation. I also do the exercises (when I have the time) using pizzicato in order to focus on getting a strong pizz sound.

In the interview, Mr. Dimoff is quite detailed aobut the role of the warm-ups and what he thinks about while going through the exercises. While I worry about intonation, he's considering getting a good sound, how he's carrying his weight, and other more fundamentals on the bass. Great interview.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Double Bass Pic of the Week (March 9)

Here's a photo of a bass belonging to Finnish bassist Alpo Koivuranta. You can read details about him and the bass here and here. I love the inlay work on this bass.

March 16 Bass Picture of the Week

I came across this trading card of Scott LaFaro from the 1958 Monterey Jazz Festival. I'm curious if this was a series of cards. If anyone knows, please let me know.

March 9 Bass Photo of the Week

Here's a photo of Henry Lewis (1957, photo by Allan Grant). Lewis was a member of the L.A. Philharmonic, being the first black instrumentalist in a major orchestra. He founded the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra in the late 1950's and became the conductor of the New Jersey Symphony in 1968.

March 2 Bass Picture of the Week

Ray Brown and Oscar Peterson in 1955.

Feb 23 Bass Picture of the Week

Here's a picture of Bobo the gorilla from 1953 (photo by Nat Farbman). Notice he's smashed just about everything EXCEPT the bass. 'Nuff said.

Feb 16 Bass Picture of the Week

The Life photo archive has some great photos of bassist. Here's one I find interesting. Its a photo taken by Carl Mydans in New York, 1958. The photo has taken at the Refuge Temple. I love the expression on the kids face.