Friday, October 10, 2008

100 Guitarist in Saint Louiss

I friend forwarded me this announcement:

Experimental composer Glenn Branca is seeking 80 guitarists and 20 bass guitarists for his upcoming performance of Symphony No. 13 (Hallucination City). This performance will be at The Pageant in St. Louis on Nov. 13 and is part of the SLSO Guitar Festival.

• Two rehearsals at Powell Hall: Nov. 11 from 2pm to midnight & Nov. 12 from 5pm to midnight

• Sound Check at The Pageant: Nov. 13 from 1:30pm to 5:30pm

• Concert at The Pageant: Nov. 13 at 8pm

Compensation is not possible, but food and drink will be supplied at all rehearsals and the performance. All musicians will need to be able to read standard staff notation and follow a part measure by measure.

If only I was in Saint Louis. I'm sure that this will be better than the 1800 guitarist who played "Smoke on the Water" or "the most air guitar players on stage."

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